ERP Consultancy & Implementation

Even though you purchased world top class ERP want give you the return as you expected if it is not implemented properly by satisfying your business process. We as a Bell Solution provide you the professional ERP consultancy services for you to; 1. Select a ERP 2. Implementing according to your business 3. Process reengineering where necessary 4. Training your staff to work on the ERP These services will guarantee your return on the investment you made and transform your business to higher prospects.

Redistribution Automation

ERP itself will give you the advantage of managing your resources and your suppliers and customers. However if you are in the FMCG, Food & Beverage, Pharmaceutical, Lubricants where your sales depend on the secondary sales channels, will has the necessity of streamline primary and secondary sales. This will enable you to track your distributor level performance which influenced you to analyze real-time sales information where you are empowered with defining accurate market trends (consumer behavior), maintaining just-in-time stocks and effectively managing your secondary sales force and enable you to reduce your lead time. Bell Solutions provides complete set of redistribution automation which is a web based solution integrating with mobile access. The solution will guarantee you to gain competitive advantage by accessing real time sales information.

Sales Force Automation

Mobile device is the heavily used communication device where you are able to capture information then and there. This has enabled business world to fast track the daily operations, reduces effort on back office operations and empowered your sales force to close the sales quickly as possible to increase your market share. Bell Solutions provides customized mobile application solutions to meet your business requirement and empowered your sales force to interact with your core systems to speed up their sales activities.

e-Document Management

Modern businesses focusing on maintaining paperless environment by digitizing their paper works to gain additional benefits to their core operation such as easy retrieval of documents, less space, etc... Indirectly firms are contributing by maintaining echo friendly environment. Bell Solutions's e-Document management solution gives you the maximum benefits in the digitized information era where most of the firms still struggling to achieve.

MIS & Business Intelligence

Key successes on each business rely on taking right decision at right time. Firms who have the information on desired level will take strategic advantage over their competitors since they are able to analyze and identify the future trends in the market. Meanwhile they are able to take necessary precautions on their performance to maintain on the expected level. Bell Solutions's expertise on the Business Intelligence area will give you the expected strategic advantage by taking our consultancies and adapting our solutions to maximize your returns on the investment.

Customer Relationship Management

Managing the Modern customer centric business environment is so challenging where firms are facing several difficulties on their daily operations and affecting them to lose their customers and opportunities they arise despite being spending lot of effort on sales and marketing. Bell Solutions provides fully pledge CRM solution where you can manage your leads, opportunities and correspondents of your clients which empower you to maintain a better relationship while enabling clients to get closer to your firm.

Web Site & Intranet

Effective communication of your business will bring the revenue to your firm. Web site is a tool which communicates your firm image effectively around the world. Having attractive web site with latest trends will give you strategic advantage. To motivate your staff internal communication is a must. Publishing intranet will give you more sophisticated and methodological way of addressing your staff effectively. Bell Solutions cater all requirements of web sites and intranets using latest technologies such as HTML 5 and content management solutions based on Joomla. We open your firm to world by providing web hosting facilities and other related services such as domain name registration, email accounts, etc...

Bespoke Software Development

You may have your unique business process where you are getting competitive advantage over other firms. We as a total IT solution provider will guarantee to develop customize business solutions according to your requirement using state of the art technologies.