SMS Marketer

SMS Marketer is a web based text messenger which integrated to the Lanka Bell SMS Gateway to send individual and bulk text messages to multiple customers at the same time as well as receive SMS from different originators. The growth of digital communications has brought out an explosion of wired consumers embracing SMS messages, Twitter, Facebook, RSS feeds and other channels to receive and communicate information. Message management solutions now function as the key point to connect internal and external data sources, systems and applications within a company's messaging framework. It helps a company to find new ways to monitise their services and connect with their customers.

Key Benefits

  • Ease your SMS driven marketing campaigns
  • Categorize/Segment your customer base
  • Instant SMS message broadcasting
  • Increase your customer relationship by sending your sentiments
  • Increase your customer service by sending service alerts and feedback receiving
  • Increase your customer satisfaction by feeling your customer that you always take care of them
  • Key Features

  • Web based SMS generation
  • Customer Group/Segment management
  • Individual/Mass SMS sending
  • Receiving SMS and monitor your Inbox
  • Web based Administration