Internet Data Center

BSL facilities and expertise are tailored to offer co-location services for businesses in need of scalable space and bandwidth. The state-of-the-art data center provides secure, resilient and fully redundant resources for companies looking to house their mission-critical data and equipment. Optimized bandwidth requirements to Internet are met by a submarine cable system wholly owned by our parent company Lanka Bell, i.e. FLAG carrier which is one of the largest in the world, offering dedicated network access to Internet and 87 Points of Presence (PoP) worldwide.

Voice Infrastructure Services

As the authorized partner for Avaya enterprise voice communication systems we can provide our customers with the most technically advanced voice communication solutions.

Security Solutions

The above includes Firewall Implementation, Spam Protection, Virus Protection, Intrusion Detection and Prevention systems. These security implementations could be either at the client-end or hosted at our Data Center.

Backup & Storage Solutions

We provide affordable end-to-end data storage and protection solutions powered by IBM equipment. Centralized storage management with automated data backups and restore functions are also facilities we could offer, and not limiting to Tape backup services, data-safe remote location etc.

ICT Compliance & Consultancy

With our experienced staff we are able to help our clients in complex matters like Software Licensing, Infrastructure Sizing, Capacity Planning, Security Planning, Disaster Recovery and Redundancy Planning.

Other Solutions/Services

We also provide Linux-based e-mail servers and web servers, proxy & caching server implementations, active directory based authentication and authorization system implementations, operating system patch management and implementation of version control. These too could be implemented/managed either at the client-end or hosted at our Data Center.

We are an IBM Business Partner for Servers (Power Systems, X Series Server and Blade Center) and are backed by a dedicated team with experience in business & technical operations in the commercial & public sector.

We are a Cisco Business Partner for Network Equipment and IBM business partner for Security Solutions (UTM), and are equipped to design and implement a robust computer network as follows.

Our Technical Partners